Part 2 of “The Opening Five”

What Are We Doing Here?

So the obvious question is what things am I actually going to work on during this MEfurbishment? In order to answer that question, I must ask another first. Why am I in a position where I need to put a considerable amount of effort into turning my life around?  I am glad you asked. Let me take a moment to set the stage.

Life is a lot like a hot air balloon. You know, one of those rainbow colored ones all broken up in a bunch of little segments. Think about all of the various elements that contribute to quality of life. When these things are in good order, life moves along pretty smoothly with some happiness, some tears, some laughs and a sense that you are contributing to something good in some way. These variables can be different for each person but many are similar. Essentials like good health, good relationships, good financial management, and a spiritual connection of some kind are things that many of us can relate to when it comes to a life that brings us contentment.

When missing or damaged in some way it’s like there is a hole in one of the panels of your balloon of life and you start to lose altitude and speed. If this happens in multiple areas of concern, there are too many holes and you are rapidly heading towards a crash landing. Some of us are able to see the issues as they come up and stop for repairs along the way. Many of us, though, have to feel impact before we see what is happening and this was the case with me.

One moment my journey was moving in the direction I had plotted out, with a few close calls but plenty of great stops and beautiful views. The next moment I was cleaning up the debris from a pretty serious crash landing. Now I can see the gaping holes that were in the canvas of my balloon.  Physical, spiritual and mental health were all nonexistent. Career, finances and sleep habits were not far behind. Fun and relaxation were high on the agenda, but in ways that contributed negatively to these other areas instead of strengthening them.

You know what they say about hindsight being 20/20? Well let’s just say that I have great clarity about what I need to work on now and that’s why I’m here. I’m hoping that’s why you’re here, too. Perhaps we can help each other along the way.




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