Part 3 of “The Opening Five”

By now you have a sense of what MEfurbish is all about. Next we are going to move into defining more specifically what MEfurbishment will take place. If you think it helpful, I encourage you to follow along with the same process.  I have a history in business and I feel it would be really helpful to look at my life as a business in some ways. Believe it or not, I even contemplated putting together a ‘Project Plan’ for my life at one point. While I think my intentions are good here, I believe that this is just me exercising my perfectionism.

“If I am going to create a new life for myself, I need to do it perfectly!”

In fact this is something that I am trying to let go of – my desire to do things perfectly. I am consistently setting myself up for failure if I approach each project in this way. Instead, I decided to just plug away, set some goals, hold myself accountable in some way and be gentle with myself as much as possible.  The exercise that I thought I would go through is to identify my values with some clarity, and then create a personal mission statement. These ideas aren’t new to business or to personal development. There are enumerable sites dedicated to improving one’s life. I just may have visited every one of them over the years! A funny thing about knowledge is that it only really matters if you actually DO something with it – take action of some kind. MEfurbish is about action and inspiration – my own, and hopefully yours too.

What are my values?

If you were to “Google” personal values (about 16,200,000 results) and mission statement (about 22,700,000 results) you would get results similar to mine. Probably many more have been added since the moment I performed my search! Since I did not have time to read 38,900,000 pages of text I decided to just sit and think for a moment. What a concept! Let’s start with values – what do values mean to me? I would define values simply as things that are important to me in this life. Easy enough right? Well at first draft I think I had a full page with two columns of things that were important to me. I had to boil these things down to something more manageable so I crossed off things that could fall under generalized categories. I also removed values that were less tangible, like freedom and safety. While these things are extremely important to me I have left them out for the sake of this exercise. What I was left with was the following list in NO particular order people!

So now we know what we are trying to accomplish. In my case, I am going to look for opportunities to bring more of these things into my life. It goes without saying that I will also try to find things that are taking away from these values and diminish or remove them altogether.

I’m getting excited! In fact I’m even Optimistic, that you and I are headed in the right direction.




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