Part 5 of “The Opening Five”

Let’s get Started!

We are now clear on our values, and have given ourselves some direction and motivation in the form of a personal mission statement. What’s next? Well, in reality, from here on it’s pretty simple, we just have to remind ourselves daily of what our mission is. I have mine posted up on my bulletin board. I can’t miss seeing it before I walk out of my bedroom every morning. The values come into play when you have decisions to make. When choices are put in your path, you only have to look at them in reference to what your values are and usually your decision becomes incredibly obvious.

So now we know what direction we must head in order to bring great satisfaction into our lives. We also know how to make decisions. We just need some means of balancing the various areas of our life, so that we are not missing out on critical components in our fulfillment. Really what we are talking about here is knowing what action to actually take next. I am guessing that I have read over 100 books on self improvement, time management, goal setting, to do lists and action logs. My belief on the subject after assimilating all of that information is that there is no wrong way to do these things except not do them at all.  I  am a very visual person and have decided (again keeping my values in mind) that I will create a simple bucket type system on my PC. Then, to have something more tangible I will also make this into a little project for the desk in my office as well. I will share that project with you in a future post.

What Action Should I Take Next?

Here is what I came up with as a simple diagram. I have broken the larger actionable areas into seven main groups I call MEbuckets. In order to ensure that the actions I am taking are balanced, I will rotate through each of these groups picking an action for one, then moving onto the next.

Ready, Set,  GO!

Now we’ve come full circle. This is what MEfurbish is all about. This blog will chronicle the actions that I am taking daily to bring my personal mission into existence in my life. I will take my first action step right now with all of you. Join me! Let’s make this a fun and interactive community. Share our ideas, encourage each other and have a few laughs along the way. Read MEfurbish daily. Make suggestions. Share comments and we can grow this thing together and start living our MEfurbishment TODAY!




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