100 Miles or Bust?

Environmental Seedlings

Out of timing rather than urgency I took a step forward today in nurturing some new “seedlings” if you will within my environment MEbucket. The idea was to get some ideas. In Ottawa this past weekend was the Go Green Expo, a veritable cornucopia of ideas environmental.

I saw electric cars, and solar panels and lots of purple and sea-foam green yoga pants but nothing I could really sink my teeth into. Though I didn’t see anything there that blew my mind, and was actionable (the spare change in my pocket was not sufficient to pick up an electric car for example), the spirit of the event did cause me to reflect on what I was or wasn’t doing for our environment. I was inspired, and this was really my intent for going.

During a Vitamix demonstration, I remembered how much I like smoothies for breakfast. Perhaps I will work those back into my routine in the not so distant future. I also tried a great locally brewed beer in Ottawa called, Kichesippi Natural Blonde. Delicious, but equally important is that it is brewed in my city! Leave it to beer to inspire me to take action! All joking aside, what this did inspire me to do was to become more aware where the products I am buying come from.

There are certain purchases that automatically have me looking at labels and making a conscious choice when I purchase. My instinct, unfortunately, is that it would be extremely difficult to buy all products locally. My perfectionist logic tells me that since it is not possible to be perfect at buying locally, I should not even bother trying! This leaves so many opportunities for improvement on the table. I resolved right there, in front of the Green Beaver booth, to throw out my desire to be environmentally perfect. There is a lot that I can accomplish with a little more awareness.

100 Mile Movement

There is a 100 mile movement happening encouraging us to purchase foods within a 100 mile radius. This is something that in the past, I would have said was arbitrary and not possible. For today, I will choose to look at this as a guideline and something to which I can aspire. It is not a black or white pass or fail! Where possible, I can expand this to include other products. If I cannot find a locally grown banana though, I’m going to let myself off the hook. This commitment is for a few big reasons:

  1. Environmental impact
  2. Support of local producers and economy
  3. Nutritional value
  4. Taste

What was my first challenge of the day on this subject? As I sit here typing I am sipping on a coffee from Ethiopia. I believe this is slightly more than 100 miles away. Some might say FAIL. I say, I chose a fair trade organic coffee, in a mug instead of paper, from a local only coffee shop that uses only fairly traded beans. Those are some pretty conscious choices for the better.

I can’t solve all of the problems of the world or of my life in one post right?




2 Comments to “100 Miles or Bust?”

  1. This is the life! I am sittling at home with a cup of locally roasted, organic fairly traded coffee, in a beautiful violet mug made by a Potter in Perth… and reading my morning MEfurbish post. Yup, this is the life. Thank you MEfurbish for adding some wonderful to my morning.

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