Me Creative?

The Artist’s Way

One of the first great steps we can take to bring something new into our life is to just put it out into the universe. I am always surprised for example at how often I get help with something I am working towards or trying to accomplish. Just  having it in my consciousness and being willing to share it with another has a dramatic effect.  Having something be ‘top of mind’ is pretty easy to accomplish. You can use your daily planner, sticky notes, task lists, pop-up reminders and a variety of other means to be reminded of what you are working on. I have created a kind of “vision board” that helps with this purpose.  On my vision board I have pictures of things that I am trying to bring into my life. Some of these are possessions, some are ideals, and others still are places I would like to visit. One section of my vision board though has simple reminders. Not your basic, pick up milk kind of thing (I have other tools for this), but rather reminders like to “be helpful”, “think before speaking”, and to “be creative”.

With “be creative” on the top of my mind as of late, I recently opened up to a friend about some of my desires to write and explore a more creative side. In our discussion, she mentioned that she had worked on a program called “The Artist’s Way” and was very happy with what it was doing to help her own creativity.  After thanking the universe for this new nugget of information, I rushed home to do some research on what “The Artists Way” is all about.  At first glance I was not all that keen on what I read.  The reality was that I was a little put off by some of the ‘cooky’ ideas that this book held. In a way, many of the exercises seem childish to me.  What I decided after a great deal of reflection is that it is this type of attitude that has stifled me in the past. If I am going to start seeing some transformation in my life, I need to be willing to take different actions.

Don’t Be Insane!

There is a well know quote that goes something like “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” I am not sure I endorse this logic wholeheartedly but in this case I feel it applies significantly. So with that in mind I have decided to throw myself into this process of discovery.

One of the first things that Julia Cameron, author of “The Artists Way” asks us to do in our quest to unblock or discover our creativity (regardless of the medium), is to start writing every morning. Ironic that I want to be a writer when I grow up and Ms. Cameron has me start by writing every day. Huh – go figure. So that’s what I shall do. I will follow this program until the end and see what kind of impact it has.

It is interesting that in my hunt to bring more substance into my life, I chose to CREATE a blog of WRITING.

Like Hannibal always says in The A Team, “I love it when a plan comes together”




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