Earth Evening is the way to go!

Earth Hour 2011 is fast approaching!

This year’s hour of no power is at 8:30PM Saturday March 26th and there are many great reasons to participate that have nothing to do with the Earth. For those of us that are working on our MEfurbishment there are many possibly buckets that this event could fall under. For me, I can start with the obvious Environment bucket, but then I can easily throw this into every bucket I have. Let’s take a moment to explore how that is.

This year during Earth Hour I will be taking part with friends. We are doing our first (of many more I expect) Earth Evening. With the exception of our food preparation, the entire evening will be candle lit. We have committed to using no other power for any purpose; no light, no music, no TV etc. for the entire night! Just good friends and our ever-present laughter will be the prescription of the day. We are going to prepare a menu of Moroccan food, and I am going to have some fun veganizing a Lamb Tagine recipe for the shindig.


There are a few ways to look at this one. It goes without saying that the health of our planet is of paramount importance to me but let’s not forget that this stuff trickles down. Invariably, the things that are healthy for the planet are good for us too. Clean air and water, normal weather systems, complete ecosystems and the like all have a direct impact on our own personal health.  Closer to home, during Earth Hour specifically, spending time with close friends and laughing is exceptionally good for our health.


The financial impact of the evening on its own is not all that significant at first glance, but the evening is about realizing that we can do more with less.  We can at least do the same with less! We will save money on limiting our use of electricity, but also by staying home for the evening instead of eating out. Further still by preparing our own meal as group thereby maximizing efficiency and minimizing food costs and waste will all help the bottom line.


Creativity perhaps is a little harder to see in our Earth Evening plans but a few things still come to mind. The planning of the evening itself has been a creative endeavour for those of us involved. Figuring out what we will do, the preparation of the meal and of course writing here about our escapades are all things that are very creative.


This is a pretty obvious one but it is still worth having a look at. Aside from the impact on the environment that a no-energy consumption hour across the planet would have (the more participants the better!) the seeds that are being planted are equally important. Folks pick up new interests, become more aware, have more discussion and make more informed decisions. The real hope here is that over time the movement will reach some form of critical mass and true and measurable impact will be felt globally.


Any time there is a celebration with friends, a sense of community is being fostered. There are indeed many layers of community that are touched by an evening like this. In our living room, the feeling of community will be palpable with great friends present. Thinking about the fact that others may be doing the same (creating enjoyable evening without the use of electricity), makes the world seem just a bit smaller. The global community of like-minded people feels more connected. Let’s not forget that if we are not watching TV and instead getting off our collective butts for a walk, we may just bump into another actual person. This can only help develop a sense of community.


Simple but not to be minimized is the fun bucket! I have been excited all week about my Saturday evening plans. So the event itself will be fun on the day of but my mood and attitude have been directly affected all week.  I choose to surround myself with great friends who have an incredible sense of humour and play so fun will be rampant. Fun is good for our physical and mental health and put plainly is just good for the soul.


Spending time with good friends, some of our most important relationships, is crucial to happiness and health.  One of the ways we show people that we care about them is by just being present. The conversations are apt to range from serious to comical and everywhere in between. As part of my MEfurbishment, I want to make sure people know that they are important to me.  Hanging out, sharing a meal and laughing till all hours of the evening is a good start.

Looks like Earth EVENING 2011 is a perfect way to MEfurbish.  I’d love to hear your ideas and plans for Earth Hour –what are you doing?




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