My Photoshop Skills Need Work!

Not Quite Right

I have been trying to think of a visual representation of the things that I am working on in MEfurbish and had some great ideas about how to make this happen. After spending the better part of the morning messing around with Photoshop, I have determined I could benefit from some training on the software. Originally my thought was to have an image of a jar and for each bucket I work on I would throw a pebble into the jar. Over time the jar would fill up visually and this would show how far I have come in my MEfurbishment. For technical reasons that I am not even capable of explaining, this did not work.

In my mind’s eye now, I see a Zen Garden with stones etched with each step I take being piled up. Again, over time I will see the stones starting to fill the garden and this will encourage me along the way. For other technical reasons that I am still not able to explain, this is still a work in progress. I have added to my task list a Photoshop class!


For now, I am going to just post the stones themselves and stick them on a page of their own called Footsteps. Look for updates on the MEsteps page in the future!




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