Spring Bike Cleanup

High Fun Factor

In looking at my buckets today I noticed that while I have been working on my health bucket in a few different ways, I have not been filling my bucket yet in physical health. One of the reasons that spring always excites me is that I can get out on the bike path. Funny thing about the weeks following this excitement every year is that the excitement eventually seems to diminish. Like many other things in life, those that are in our lives daily tend to lose at least some importance over time.

This year I am examining what I can do to maintain the level of enthusiasm that I have in a daily bike ride. I am not sure if I should alter my route, time myself, ride to points of interest or all of the above. I want to keep the fun factor high! I have a few ideas of how to work this into my MEfurbishment. Working objectives into my daily writing will help in a few ways. Posting about where I am riding and how I am doing will generate a feeling of community surrounding my cycling. There is also a certain level of accountability that comes from discussing with you what I am doing here on MEfurbish. I shouldn’t underestimate the benefit of seeing my progress in black and white as well!

Today I took my bike off the rack in the garage and gave it a once over. A little lube, a little air in the tires and I am ready to hit the trail. I am also kind of a gadget junky so I think eventually I would like to get one of those little bike computers from MEC so I can track how far I am going and what kind of speeds I am averaging etc. This will just give me an indication of how much progress, if any, I am making on my physical health.

Where Isn’t Google

I was not surprised that Google has figured out a way to be involved in this endeavor. In lieu of a bike computer, Google Maps can actually tell you how far your route is on a bike. You can then add destinations along the way and drag your path around to certain routes. When you are done you have a reasonable estimate on how far you have ridden.

Tomorrow it is supposed to be a little bit warmer and sunnier so I have planned out my first route of the year. It’s not very far at all, coming in at 7 kilometers. The route is actually 3.5 km and close to home. I will do it twice as it will be a good trial run to make sure the bike is working as it should before I start to explore further away from home in the days ahead. I will keep you posted on how I am progressing!




3 Comments to “Spring Bike Cleanup”

  1. Spring signifies in a large part for me also the return of biking season. It’s always exciting to go out for a first ride. Unfortunately I left my bicycle dangling outside on the rack all winter. It will take a proper tuneup before I head out for a first ride. The trick for me is to not go at it hardcore all the time but to go for leisurely rides too. It helps a great deal that Ottawa has a multitude of bike paths which keeps it interesting. I find that riding at nighttime is also a good way to mix it up. I’m not suggesting roads here, but rather paths or quiet residential neibourhoods. A good LED bike light is essential. Looking forward to it!

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