Community Drumming Circle

Perfectionism and Procrastination

A sense of community, especially the community in which I live, has been something that I have wanted to foster for some time now. I find myself wanting to come up with the perfect solution, the perfect plan, the perfect event, and as is often the case, I end up not taking any action at all.

It’s only in recent months that I have been able to connect the dots on the fact that my perfectionism is linked a great deal to my procrastination. Putting things off until they feel perfect or until the perfect fit comes along has been a real detriment to my personal growth. I am making efforts to ensure that this does not hold me back during my MEfurbishment.

Get Out There!

As an exercise in taking action, just for the sake of taking action, I decided to give myself 10 minutes of reflection on what ways I could just “get out there” and get involved. I was surprised that I only ended up needing two. Recently I have adopted a vegan lifestyle.  There are a variety of ways that this fact will work itself onto the pages of MEfurbish in the future. In this case I thought of getting more involved in the Vegan Meetup in my area.  While this is something  that I expect I will do in the future, right now I want to try and choose things that I am hyper motivated to do. Fun and Music are always high on my list so I started to think in this way. This reminded me that recently while I was looking for a used Djembe on Kijiji someone replied that I should consider a drumming circle. He indicated that someone always has an extra drum to play on and I would meet lots of fellow drum lovers as well as sharing ideas and tips. That’s it!

A drumming circle is exactly about community. It’s not a drumming squiggle or drumming cubicles. It’s about getting to know and connect with people and sharing a common interest – in a circle. What could be more community sounding than that?  This morning I replied to that email and said that I would be super interested in coming out to the next event. I’ll keep you posted!

If you hear thumping and tapping in the weeks ahead, you never know I could be just around the corner.




3 Comments to “Community Drumming Circle”

  1. I love the sense of belonging that I get when I am at my drum circle. It is a wonderful space where everyone is contributing something to the rhythm.
    Hope you get to try the drum circle and I hope that you enjoy it!!

  2. Ah, yes…the Procrastinating Perfectionist. This has been a lifelong struggle for me as well – it SUCKS. I hope that I can give you at least a little hope in that I have managed to deal with at least HALF of that nasty duo. Procrastination, for me, caused so much unnecessary stress and anxiety. A few years ago, I finally realized that eradicating it from my life was simply a matter of choice, that I was choosing to put things off instead of dealing with them head-on, because I thought something would be difficult, or uncomfortable, or because I knew I was never going to be able to do it ‘perfectly’ and so why bother starting? These were all things, for me, that were potentially stress-inducing, but I was causing myself MORE stress by putting them off!!! So now, instead of keeping those arm-length ‘to do’ lists, I just do things as soon as they’re brought to my attention. Sometimes it becomes an obsession, mind you, in that now I want to do everything NOW…but that’s okay. 🙂 Fighting perfectionism, however, in the words of at least one wise man I know, will continue to be “my life’s work”. *Sigh.* Some other wise words that come in handy a lot: “Don’t let the PERFECT ruin the GOOD”. Good is often quite good enough!

  3. Thanks Hairyprincess! I just got word back from my contact today and there is a circle as soon as this weekend that I am going to try to get to. Fingers crossed!

    Karen – I have a sneaking suspicion that it will be a lifelong project for me as well. Here’s hoping that I too can make a decision to let go my procrastination in the days and weeks ahead.

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