Say It To Me Now

It’s Not A Musical!

I was goofing around with “Half Cherry” this morning and I very mistakenly fat fingered something which ended up sounding like the beginning to a song that I absolutely love. This song is actually one of the songs that re-inspired me to play the guitar. Say It To Me Now by Glen Hansard seems like a great song to learn early in my guitar playing journey because then original song is just guitar and vocals and for an aspiring musician with an inexperienced ear, it actually seems like it would be pretty easy to play.

Hearing this would be riff had me searching on Google to find the video, then searching for how-to’s on playing the song. My hopes were pretty high still when I watched Glen play in the video. One thing I noticed immediately was that there was at least a very small amount of picking in the song. That took a little bit of wind out of my sails but he was only plucking on the number six string so, I figured maybe I could make this work. Say It To Me Now is from the movie Once, a great film. Some might say its a musical, but I refuse to utter those words because of the imagery it conjures up. There’s no singing “can you please pass the corn” in this film, but lots of great music.

What Was I Thinking?

I found a how to play Say It To Me Now here, and then the anxiety started to build. What was I thinking? I don’t even own a guitar yet other than “Half Cherry” a bright red kid’s guitar with two strings missing. I quickly changed my tune though with this song and reminded myself that like everything else on MEfurbish, this is a process. I don’t have to be perfect. There is no finish line or time clock. This song at the moment is purely inspiration, and that’s just fine.

After letting my guard down considerably I was surprised to see that I was able to follow along quite a bit. It was quite enjoyable and I really do feel like I could play this song. So now that I have moved all the way up to step six or seven in my head, I’d better get back down to earth and keep going with step one and step two. Step one has been an effort to grow some calluses, and that has been going very well. I can really see the difference in the ease of holding strings, and my overall comfort level with a guitar in my hand. Step two is without a doubt the most important step of all – get a guitar!

Now if I could only sing like Glen Hansard….

Have a look and a listen below. Don’t forget to pop over to the MEmusic page to here this song and many more great tunes.




5 Comments to “Say It To Me Now”

  1. You know, finding a song that I enjoy playing and can sing along to is the only thing that keeps me going when it comes to learning to play guitar. It’s the whole reason we want to learn, right? Practising scales and chords and all that is important and it will be done because it has to be, but I think you also have to be able to reward yourself every now and again! I think the reason I hated playing piano all those years was because I never played anything I enjoyed…it was all classical crap (what I thought of it as a kid!) and boring repetitions that were forced upon me. It was like WORK. Where’s the joy in that?! So yeah, you may have skipped ahead a few steps, but I think it’ll only help keep the motivation going! :)!

  2. Yay! We finally rented this movie last night. Thanks for the little push!

    • Awesome, did you like? What was your favorite scene? Mine is the gathering of musicians that turns to jam session. Interference sings that song “Gold”. Love it! Here’s hoping that I find myself at one of these events in the future…

  3. I liked it a lot. Music in it is great, isn’t it? We got to watch special features and everything! Definitely one of the bonuses of renting, eh? Lots of favourite scenes…their first singing session at the music store maybe?

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