The Cold Still


I wasn’t planning on posting about music today. Even though it is a huge part of my life, I have lots of MEfurbishing to take care of and I don’t want to get side-tracked.  That said though, my weekend posts tend to reflect my weekend reality which is a little more relaxed, plus I just had to share this with you!

The Boxer Rebellion has a new CD out called The Cold Still. Anyone who knows me at all grew very sick of hearing about the Boxer Rebellion when their last release, Union came out.  The Cold Still is available widely in Europe and the US, but it has not been released in Canada yet. Fortunately, it is available on iTunes for those of us who prefer the electronic version.

The Boxer Rebellion who self-produced the epic sound of Union worked with renowned producer Ethan Johns on The Cold Still. With this move I became an even bigger fan. He has produced for artists like Ryan Adams, Kings of Leon, Rufus Wainwright,  Emmylou Harris, Crowded House and my personal favorite Ray Lamontagne. In fact he produced my favorite album of all time, Gossip In The Grain by the aforementioned Lamontagne.

It’s Epic

I have a good friend who has often referred to Union as an epic CD, and of course I agree. To quote producer Johns in The Cold Still – Mini documentary:

“If I had to sum up The Cold Still, it would be that it’s an epic record, but its intimate at the same time…”

There aren’t many albums that I immediately love, but this is one. The fact that it got better during each listen was unreal.  There is an interesting dichotomy that I have with this band.  I am pulling for them to make it big, a reward for their efforts and a desire to share them with others. At the same time, part of me loves the fact that they are relatively unknown in the grand scheme of things. Really, there is nothing better than seeing a great band in a small venue is there?

Take a few minutes to explore The Boxer Rebellion website, watch The Cold Still – Mini Documentary. I am sure you will be pulling for these guys before you move on. Jump over to MEmusic for a little preview as well!




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