Pennies and Nickels and Dimes Oh My!

Gas Prices Eeeeek!

One MEbucket that I haven’t taken any direct strides towards improving here on MEfurbish is the finances bucket. While I was driving my daughter to school this morning I bypassed several gas stations and I couldn’t help but wince at the price of gas with the passing of each sign. It got me thinking about how I wish I could have a more significant impact on my monthly gas budget. After grabbing a coffee and a pencil I put my mind to figuring out where I could save a few pennies. I know what you’re thinking – what’s a pencil? I didn’t really grab a pencil, but instead double clicked on my Excel icon. Over the course of the next 15 minutes or so I was astounded at what I saw in front of me on the screen. I figured out that about 5 times a week a make a trip from my home to the grocery store, the coffee shop or a variety of other weekly errands and appointments; each way is about 7.5 kilometers.  Using the approximate gas mileage of my vehicle (7 kilometers per litre) and the current price of gas at approximately $1.25 per litre, I was able to determine the following:

  • 5 Trips @ 15km = 75km per week
  • 75km per week x 52 weeks = 3900km annually
  • 3900km / 7km per litre = 557 litres of gas annually
  • 557 litres of gas @ $1.25 per litre = $696.43

Pass The Shredder Please

Just in case that did not jump off the page for you enough, I said I am throwing away $696.43!!!! Just by being a bit more organized I can put it right back in my pocket. Here’s how I think I can make it happen:

I must say that I was not expecting such a dramatic impact from a few simple changes. It really gets me thinking. If I were to explore other areas of my financial life in the same way, how much more cash could I put back in my pocket. This isn’t even a sacrifice, just a little forethought. Already a big smile on my face it is great to think about the environmental impact of this effort as well.

I might just be able to afford an electric car after all.

Peace, Leslie


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