Wii Can Do It on Active 2

Food Is Good

Of the many steps I need to take in my quest for MEfurbishment the most critical need for me is exercise. I have taken great steps over the last few years to address my physical health through adjustments to my food intake, both quality and quantity. I have given up some foods that are particularly problematic for me and brought my food choices in line with my values by becoming Vegan within the last year.

Exercise has always been a chore for me, plain and simple. In my younger years I was heavily involved in team sports and these kept me very active. Recently however, somewhere along the way I have linked up exercise with “work.”

The Big 40!

This year was a big milestone for me in birthdays, turning the big 4-0. I asked for, and was given Active 2 for Wii and since that time I have been dabbling in its use, trying out various routines and basically getting a feel for what it has to offer. Having decided that I need to make exercise more of a priority in my 41st year, and feeling pretty comfortable now with the program, I am ready to take the plunge and commit to its 9 week program.”

I need all the help I can get staying the course, and keeping it interesting so I decided I would share it here. One of the neat functions with Active 2 for Wii is the team/group online functionality in the Active 2 Groups Forum. You can sign up for a program, find a group of people that want to do the same thing or have similar interests, and share stats and motivation etc. Inside the Active 2 box there is actually a wireless heart rate monitor and arm and leg band sensors that provide accurate information that I can track on my Wii and upload to my online account. I have started a MEactive page here to post my workouts and results. I hope you will pop over and share your MEactive stories with the MEfurbish community there.

Day 1

After having signed up for the 9 Week Challenge this morning, I am making a priority of sharing it with my MEfurbish friends, and I am ready to go! Today is Day 1!

Have Active 2 for your Wii at home too? Why don’t you join in on the fun!




3 Comments to “Wii Can Do It on Active 2”

  1. Cool! Good luck with it, Les! Looks like fun.

  2. You SO got this!!! Keep us posted xx

  3. Nothing like broadcasting your goals on the internet to give you a little accountability eh?

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