Don’t Be A Butt Flicker

Are You A Butt Flicker?

The entire industry of therapy and counseling revolves around our need as human beings to get things off our chest. There is no doubt that this is good for our health, good for MY health. I am going to justify this post then, because it is good for my health to get this off my chest. If someone was walking down the street eating their lunch and when they were done just dropped the trash right where they were walking what would you think? I’d be pissed, what a complete disregard for anything other than self. So why is it ok for someone to take their last haul of their cigarette and then just flick the butt out their car window?

It’s bad enough that nonsmokers have to breathe that crap (which has no redeeming qualities) to begin with. Then some smokers just pitch the toxic waste onto the middle of the sidewalk to further pollute and cause even more damage to the environment? Like I have said before, I am not a perfect environmentalist but this seems so blatant to me. The scariest part of all is that we seem to have been de-sensitized to it in some way. It has become socially acceptable like many other things around smoking. If I had a nickel (or even a penny!) for the number of times that I have had to walk through lofting smoke to get into a business or workplace I would be slightly less poor!

Stop The Insanity

Cigarette butt litter is an environmental disaster of epic proportions. Many studies have shown the huge impact that the arsenic, lead and cadmium in cigarette butts have on the water table and on marine wildlife. The numbers of littered cigarette butts are staggering. A September 2010 Toronto Star article I read referred to a science journal that indicated 4.5 trillion cigarette butts are littered annually. That is totally insane.

In an effort to boost my own peace of mind, and thereby take a step forward in my own health bucket, I have decided that I am no longer going to just wince and let my blood boil.  I still have to figure out what words I will actually use, but I am going to tell people that flick their butts that it’s NOT OK.

If you have any ideas on what to say to a Butt Flicker, I’d love to hear them!




3 Comments to “Don’t Be A Butt Flicker”

  1. How about;

    “Why don’t you shove that butt up your butt instead, jerk face!?”

    Too strong?


    • Perhaps just a tad more strong that I was looking for yes. Since I am a pacifist, I don’t want to have to destroy someone who takes a swing at me.
      Good thought though! You let me know how that goes 😉

  2. I was with a friend once, keeping her company outside a restaurant while she smoked. When she was finished, instead of using the Butt Out (or whatever it’s called) container beside her, she just flicked her cigarette on the ground. A guy walking out of the restaurant said, “Nice littering.” She was SO embarrassed…immediately apologized and picked it up. I guess she hadn’t even realized what she’d done, like it’s become such a habit that it’s mindless. The guy was embarrassed too, which was weird…I guess he didn’t expect to get a response. Or maybe he was surprised that he actually said it out loud? Ha ha! In any case, it worked! So you could try that maybe?

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