Gotta Start Somewhere

Pushed Myself

I didn’t think it was going to be that simple. Did i? After much delay in getting on the bike for a “real” bike ride I finally got into the sunshine today with my daughter leading the way. The last time we headed out her bike decided that it no longer wanted to be ridden and we had to spend the afternoon getting her newer “youth” bike sorted out. Today was the first day I got to head out with the intent to see what it would be like to push myself a little bit.

Yesterday I picked myself up a Schwinn 17-Function Bike Computer so I can more easily track my improvement over time. After getting it all installed and tested, I took a quick circle around the block just to make sure it was working properly.  I made the decision that today I would head out for training session number one.

I strapped on my helmet, snapped my bike computer into place so it would begin to scan its 17 magnificent functions, some of which may as well be Greek. have no clue what they are. My daughter led the way as we picked up speed – 3.6 kmph then 7.9, 12.5, 18.3, then the unbelievable. I broke the 20kmph barrier!

I Say’s Pardon?

I was so enamoured with my new toy that as we rounded the last corner, and I told my daughter that I was spent, I hadn’t yet seen how far we had come on this journey. Pressing the selector button I watched the screen, first in anticipation and then confusion as I saw the time we were gone come up on the screen; somewhere around 8 minutes to be exact. This couldn’t be. The device is already broken, I just got it! With a final click I scanned to the distance travelled screen. Even the words distance travelled conjur up thoughts of adventure and great expanse covered. It read something that I am still surprised I am sharing with you. 3.8 km. No typo. Three point eight kilometers.

To say I was disappointed is a gross understatement. Granted, I was sore from a previous day’s workout and we were changing speeds with all the corners of the suburb, and it’s my first ride of the year, but 3.8 kmph is not what I was expecting when I woke up this morning raring to go.I was talking to a good friend about my ride disappointment and how out of shape I am and she reminded me of the truth of it.

“You are doing what I can… “Gotta start somewhere – It’s hard at first but you’ll get back into it faster than you know.”

Good advice. Thanks for that. Next bike ride, tomorrow if the weather is reasonable. I am going to be posting my results on my MEcycle page, tracking how my distance and time is trending. On the plus side, graphs look great when they start low and gain quickly right?




3 Comments to “Gotta Start Somewhere”

  1. Yep, exactly! Great job taking that first step, Les. You did a lot more than I did today! 🙂

  2. Your friend sounds like a genius 😉 Can’t wait to see you prove her right xx

  3. Thanks Karen! Since you worked your butt off all week, a day of chill is much deserved!

    Shayna, You should meet this friend. She IS a genius and was a great help to me today!

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