Strings At An Impasse

Semi Acoustic

It’s a done deal! One small step for many but one huge step for my MEfurbishment. I have taken the plunge and I am now the proud owner of a semi-acoustic guitar! The fact that I had to do research to figure out what a semi-acoustic guitar was only shows what a rookie I am in this area. At this point I probably would have paid to get a 2×4 with 6 strings on it if that was all that was available in my price range. Instead I got an Academy D8 Semi Acoustic.

Every once and a while I catch myself staring wistfully at my new purchase. It doesn’t matter that I paid $50 bucks for it, rushed home and Google-d it to find that I could buy a brand new one for $79.99. So it’s not a Les Paul, big deal. I have been looking for a guitar at a $50 budget for some time now so when I found one on Kijiji, I jumped at the chance to give “Half Cherry” back to my daughter. Plus I negotiated a guitar case and a pick out of the seller so I don’t feel so bad. That’s it below!

Honk If You Have Small Hands!

I have hit my first impasse on the guitar during practice session one.  Well it’s not really an impasse, more of a challenge. I have been working through some very basic exercises on the guitar, a very exciting process indeed! The catch I am finding is that I have really small hands and the result is that my palm is muting the #1 string when I reach up to play a note on the #6 string. The result is a beautiful sounding strum up until the end where it sounds like a goose honking. Very frustrating!

I have picked a few peoples brains on the subject and I am optimistic that, even though I can’t see how this will remedy itself, it will with continued practice.  I just have to trust and keep trying – simple but not easy.

Wish me luck!




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