Sit Down And Shut Up

Quick Fix, No Fix At All

Years ago, if someone had told me that I would be a big proponent of meditation I would have told them they were out of their mind. Excuse the pun. I would have told them, and I would have believed it – mostly. There was a small part of me that had a secret fascination with meditation, coupled with secret fear. Part of the fear was just of the unknown and part was “what would people think?” At one point about 5 years ago I was in a high stress job and it was actually starting to impact my health. My doctor’s solution at the time was to prescribe 2 weeks off. I have never been much of a Band-Aid person and this to me seemed like a band aid. Two weeks off, come back to work feeling a bit better and then a month later I am still a ball of tension. I took it upon myself at that time to look at what I could do about the stress that was more of a long term approach. My research kept coming back to the same place over and over again. Meditation.

Easy Peasy

Meditation is something that people all over the world do, without cost or equipment and it has an immediate impact on stress and quality of life. I decided at that time to just try it for one week to see what I noticed. I had my doubts but I was intrigued.  I found what seemed like the easiest meditation technique that I could find on the internet and planned to try it out after everyone was in bed.  I lit a candle and got down onto the floor in my living room. I remember feeling immediately different, just being on the floor and this was very surprising to me. Call it anticipation, call it whatever you want, but I felt more grounded and aware immediately.

Let Go

My first meditation was a counting meditation. You basically close your eyes or close them over and start counting breaths. In and out – 10. In and out -9. In and out – 8, and so on. Not deep breaths but breaths of the same consistent length. The instruction, which I followed, was that if you forgot your place, you started over at 10. The idea here is that gradually, as you feel that your distractions start to fall away, you stop counting altogether. You just sit and be. If your mind starts to fill with words, ideas, and to-do lists, you just acknowledge the thoughts and start counting again.  I think that first night I may have got as far as 8 once but more importantly, when I was done my 10 minutes, as set on my timer, I felt a real difference. It only lasted until I blew out the candle and got up to brush my teeth for bed, but it was there! By the end of my first week of meditation I was actually able to stop counting for a minute or two at a time and just sit in silence. It felt like a gift, and it inspired me to stay at it.


Since that first night I have meditated in many different ways at many different times and in many different places.  I have been on a real journey with my meditation ever since and at this point I am a real advocate. I have seen huge changes in my life that I feel are the direct result of my meditation practice. These have not all been fun and inspiring but they have one defining characteristic. They are bringing me more in touch with who I am and helping to produce a more authentic me. It helps me to focus on what’s really important and brings clarity to many questions.

Keep At It!

In my MEfurbish health bucket, meditation is one of the things that I really feel I have going for me. I want to continue to embrace and explore it. If you haven’t tried meditation, or have tried it with minimal results I highly recommend you keep trying. There are so many different types of meditation and there is one that can work for you. I will share some of my meditation practices here on MEfurbish for you, but even more importantly for me. Sharing this passion with others is something that excites me. I can only hope it will do for you, even a small bit of what it has done for me.




One Comment to “Sit Down And Shut Up”

  1. Thanks for sharing! Will give it another go. 🙂

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