Happy Happy Joy Joy

I Digress

Music rarely lets me down when it comes to the fun MEbucket.  I woke up this morning a little ache-y from a strain to my scalene muscles during my workout yesterday. No I don’t walk around saying things like “ I strained my scalene muscles today, ” but I was discussing the injury with a good friend who is a Registered Massage Therapist and she educated me on the name as well as some possible remedies. It is better today, so thanks friend!! Anyway, I digress.

In addition to my shoulder and neck pain, it is also kind of gloomy out today. Add to the mix that I have a very full agenda and it was very easy to get off and running into the future planning and even ‘living in’ my day ahead.

La La Land

After dropping off my daughter at school this AM my mind was racing with lists and places, anywhere really other than there in the moment. I grabbed my iPod and meant to select something kind of background for the drive, a soundtrack to my thoughts so to speak, and I selected the wrong item.

A moment later I was very present, just there in the car, a big smile on my face, tapping my feet and my fingers to the beat and a lot more perspective on the day ahead.  I had hit The Resistance, by Muse by mistake and had let go of mine in the process. My resistance to the day ahead that is. Check out this splendiferous track on MEmusic and try not to tap your foot or watch the video below!

I Dare You

In order to make my point I have concocted a little experiment for you, the MEfurbish community. Don’t just read this and laugh or say, oh yeah, good point Leslie, actually DO IT.

1. Grab your favourite track on your iPod or CD, or 8-track for all I care. If you don’t have a favourite track grab anything upbeat, something that speaks to you.

2. Slide it into the CD player, the docking station, or the cassette deck and press PLAY.

3. Turn it up until you start to feel like the neighbors might be hearing it. Then turn it up a bit more.

4. Stand up.

5. If you have a great big smile on your face, perfect – if not, put a big FAKE smile on your face. Show teeth.

6. Take a deep breath and lift your chest – keep smiling!!

7. Now be mad, sad or stressed. No! Don’t stop smiling or listening.

You can’t do it can you? Be honest. If you can do it, then you missed a step, start over. It’s virtually impossible. If I haven’t said this before, man I love great music.




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