Mushroom Quinoa Loaf

Vegan Easter Main Course

The main course of this year’s Vegan Easter was a Mushroom Quinoa Loaf with gravy that turned out great.  As was the case with the Carrot and Coconut Bisque that I made for the appetizer, I had a couple of inspirations for this recipe. Last week a wonderful friend made a delicious Quinoa loaf with onion chutney and it was just absolutely delicious. I decided to do some exploring online and found that Joel at had posted a recipe for another take on Quinoa loaf. I used this recipe as a base, my friend’s recipe as inspiration, and a little MEfurbish modification to make it my own. Please try this, it is very easy to prepare. There are some great tips for cooking quinoa on as well if you are not familiar with this very versatile superfood.  I also made Joel’s mouth-watering super healthy Cashew Mushroom Gravy to serve with the loaf. Coupled with fresh veggies and roasted potatoes, this made a fantastic Vegan Easter meal. I will make it again, long before next Easter!

Have a look at some photos of the preparation in action!




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