The Ride of Your Life

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This Too Shall Pass

We’ve all been there. One minute things are chugging along like a well-oiled machine and the next, it seems like we’re spinning our wheels in mud. This is part of life and it always will be, just part of the natural order of things. Many of us are cursed with a short memory when it comes to self-awareness. When we are in a high, we forget that a low is just around the corner and the same is true in reverse. We can just as easily be stuck in the mud and forget that we will eventually find our way out. We may have to try again and again, we may need to ask for help, but “this too shall pass” as the saying goes.

Our good friend Forrest Gump said “life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get.” While I would never dare to counter Mr. Gump, I would add that there are times occasionally that you have a pretty good idea what’s coming next. When things are a struggle, there will inevitably be a shift, even if only in perception or acceptance and then for a time, things will be better. The opposite is true as well. You can be sure that if you are kicking butt and taking names, there is mostly certainly a challenge of some sort just around the corner.
Roller Coaster Climb
Let’s use the much used analogy of a roller coaster. When we are working our way up the incline at the beginning, taking steady steps in our daily lives we can see progress. We are working towards our goals and dreams and have a clear destination in mind. Once we reach the top, the view is absolutely amazing; it feels like we are floating for a time, gratification and joy are in abundance as the car slides through a few little exciting dips and turns. What you can’t see at that point is that there is a dramatic drop ahead. One in which you will lose all sense of yourself, and around you there will be noise, emotion and confusion. During this fall, things seem unbearable for an instant that seems like an eternity -a seemingly endless plunge. Finally, eventually you reach the bottom and are thrust back upwards in relief. It’s quite a ride isn’t it?

Hold On Tight

The thing is, once we have been on this ride a few times we do start to become familiar with it. You’ve seen the caution signs though; you need to stay seated even during the uncomfortable parts. It’s not advisable to try and get off the ride. In fact it could mean disaster! We can prepare ourselves though for some of the turbulence that we are not looking forward to. Just taking a pause to be aware and in the moment can mean all of the difference. Not being caught off guard seems to help keep things more manageable. When we’re in the midst of our fear and the wheels seem to be falling off our carts, we can take a moment to remember that this feeling always happens and invariably it is followed up by some reprieve.

Chill Out!

We need to chill out and enjoy the ride for what it is. We can’t control it. The ride will go where the ride will go. We convince ourselves that we have it under control with our Day-Timer’s and iPad’s and Blackberry’s but what we are really doing is making a best guess. We can only control our own attitudes. We can do our best to anticipate then have fun with the unexpected, or we can convince ourselves of a fantasy and be disappointed at every turn.These are the only choices we have.
What will you choose?

2 Comments to “The Ride of Your Life”

  1. This is a very nice post! I might be using it as a reference down the line! Very true and narrated in an impressive way!

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