Puree Fantasia

Damn You Universe!

There’s a pretty good chance that you are reading this post solely because you saw the headline and want to know what the heck puree fantasia is. Just because I am a pain in the butt I am going to make you wait for a bit on that one and spend some time  on some of the details leading up to the main event.

A dear friend of mine was recently in a pretty serious bicycle accident and lost some of her teeth in the process. EEEEEK! I know, your nose just involuntarily scrunched up and you are a little queasy.  Imagine her! In a recent Facebook post I vented that I have a bone to pick with the universe. This is just the latest in a long line of BS that my friend and her husband have had to go through. It’s starting to piss me off! Let me take this opportunity to wish her a speedy recovery.

Here’s To Us

This past weekend we had planned to get together with another couple to enjoy a delicious vegan meal, have a few drinks and celebrate our friendship. The accident and her health brought into question whether or not we would be able to get together at all, with her own care being priority number one. If it was going to happen though we would need to think about what menu would work with her newly re-inserted teeth and doctor’s orders to stay away from solid foods.

The group of us all quickly bough-in to the idea that we would never sit around a table eating a meal that she could not partake in, so it would be puréed food for everyone! In a conversation with my friend I was letting her know that if she could make it, we still wanted to go ahead and celebrate and that the menu would be a “puree fantasia.” The word fantasia just popped into my head that moment so I said it, feeling silly, but the name stuck all weekend. I was pleased to see today when I looked up the definition that it actually rings true! According to dictionary.com fantasia is defined as the following:

fan·ta·sia [fan-tey-zhuh, -zhee-uh, fan-tuh-zee-uh]


  1. music
    1. composition in fanciful or irregular form or style.
    2. potpourri of well-known airs arranged with interludes and florid embellishments.
  2. fantasy
  3. something considered to be unreal, weird, exotic, or grotesque.

Mushy Goodness

That actually works! The menu was a composition of fanciful and irregular form. It was a potpourri of well-known items with interludes and florid embellishments. It was most certainly weird, unreal and possibly grotesque should the wrong person stumble into the room.  In reality, there was no better description for the 5 course meal I planned out. In the end it was very well received and by all accounts quite tasty for all involved.  The evening’s menu was as follows:

  1. Belgian Flag Hummus
  2. Green Salad Smash
  3. MEkitchen Molten Muschetta
  4. Commingled Quinoa  Concoction
  5. Pulverized Pumpkin Pudding

Starting tomorrow, for the next five days I will share the recipes above prepared with love in the MEkitchen. Each of them is vegan but liked by all. Not in the mood for pureed food? No worries. All of these recipes can be made without the final step of blending, though I would not recommend it for the hummus or the pudding. Come back tomorrow for recipe number one, then prepare, share, enjoy and let me know what you think!



2 Comments to “Puree Fantasia”

  1. Haha! I love the names of those five courses; exquisitely inventive and kinda poetic. You could write menus for a living (on top of making the food).
    Well done!

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