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May 21, 2011

Someday Soon

My Motivators

It’s a beautiful day in sunny Ottawa today, the kind of day that just screams, use me! Occasionally on days like this I think of the many things I could be doing, if I had other parts of my life in order. These are things that I can’t do due to physical or financial limitations.  I decided that I am missing an opportunity to use these things as motivators to push forward in my MEfurbishment.

To that end I thought I would use a little bit of time this morning to make a list of some goals, things I would like to be able to try at some point in the future. This will help me with my MEbucket’s as well. When looking for things that will foster and develop a certain bucket, it is helpful to have a master list to draw from. This is also a great tool for looking back to see progress. A year from now, when I look back over the year and see some items crossed off my list I can feel a sense of accomplishment and gratitude.

Below is a list of things that I would like to bring into my life at some point in my journey. I would love to hear from you about some of the things that are on your list. Things that you have been putting off, preparing for or just haven’t got to yet.

Someday soon I will…..



May 19, 2011

Enough Wise Ideas

The Execut(ion)er

I’m a great starter. It’s always been one of my strengths to come up with big ideas. I do great research, I plan well, I create custom forms of tracking and accountability and then I get at it. Occasionally this gets me into trouble.  After the high of all the strategy and planning wears off, I am left with delivery. Execution. Monotony.

It is clear to me today that this is a short sited view when I quickly forget why I had the big idea to begin with. There was something I wanted to manifest in my life, some goal I wanted to reach, or some problem I want to solve. Without the execution of the plan true MEfurbishment will never happen. This is the insight I had when I was meditation this morning.

Happy Life

I have had lots of ideas and lots of plans lately and I want to make sure I take stock of my progress but also remember where I am heading with all of this. I want to MEfurbish my life. My buckets are clear and my plans are made. That is not to say that this are rigid or unchangeable but rather that I must not allow myself to become distracted. I am aiming for good health, good relationships, and a happy life.

All this is to say that the tone of is moving out of an ideas phase and into an action phase and this is what I will continue to share with you in the weeks ahead. To that end I have added a new widget to my sidebar that shows my weight loss to since I started tracking my food and exercise on

I have a lot to do to move the needle in this and my other buckets before I get back to ideas.

Wish me luck!



May 17, 2011

The Universe Came Through!

Putting Myself Out There

I’m sitting here in the well-worn seat of my Starbucks home office and my mind is racing.

As many of you are aware, I have posted on my attempts to get more active and a big part of MEfurbish is my sharing of this journey with you. I have had limited success with MEcycle and MEactive and the reality is that this is direct result of my current size and some of my physical limitations.   The Wii Active 2 has been hard on my knees within the 90 day challenge that I was doing. I have had to put this on hold for a while. Cycling has been better on my knees, but harder on my back and other joints.

On May first, I posted an ad on Kijiji looking for access to a pool in exchange for me cleaning the pool. Kind of a win-win was my thought. You can read that Kijiji ad here. Perhaps not surprisingly, I had not seen a reply of any kind until late last week when Hallie Cotnam from the CBC Radio One Ottawa Morning show contacted me with an interest in my ad and story. She in fact asked if she could interview me for an eye towards a program CBC is running called Live Right Now and I obliged. We met yesterday and had a great talk and our chat was broadcast live on the morning show today.

Ask And You Shall Recieve

Ironically, I actually received another reply to my ad late last night prior to the interview even being broadcast with an offer to talk about my barter proposal. Since the interview was broadcast this AM I have also received many emails of general support and a couple from folks in similar situations who are eager to see how this works out.  I have also had several responses from other interested in offering me their pool.

What’s the lesson here? Ask and you shall receive. You may even receive more than you asked for which is the case for me today. I have received a show of support that I could never have imagined and that is priceless!

You can listen to the CBC interview with Hallie Cotnam here:



April 9, 2011

Gotta Start Somewhere

Pushed Myself

I didn’t think it was going to be that simple. Did i? After much delay in getting on the bike for a “real” bike ride I finally got into the sunshine today with my daughter leading the way. The last time we headed out her bike decided that it no longer wanted to be ridden and we had to spend the afternoon getting her newer “youth” bike sorted out. Today was the first day I got to head out with the intent to see what it would be like to push myself a little bit.

Yesterday I picked myself up a Schwinn 17-Function Bike Computer so I can more easily track my improvement over time. After getting it all installed and tested, I took a quick circle around the block just to make sure it was working properly.  I made the decision that today I would head out for training session number one.

I strapped on my helmet, snapped my bike computer into place so it would begin to scan its 17 magnificent functions, some of which may as well be Greek. have no clue what they are. My daughter led the way as we picked up speed – 3.6 kmph then 7.9, 12.5, 18.3, then the unbelievable. I broke the 20kmph barrier!

I Say’s Pardon?

I was so enamoured with my new toy that as we rounded the last corner, and I told my daughter that I was spent, I hadn’t yet seen how far we had come on this journey. Pressing the selector button I watched the screen, first in anticipation and then confusion as I saw the time we were gone come up on the screen; somewhere around 8 minutes to be exact. This couldn’t be. The device is already broken, I just got it! With a final click I scanned to the distance travelled screen. Even the words distance travelled conjur up thoughts of adventure and great expanse covered. It read something that I am still surprised I am sharing with you. 3.8 km. No typo. Three point eight kilometers.

To say I was disappointed is a gross understatement. Granted, I was sore from a previous day’s workout and we were changing speeds with all the corners of the suburb, and it’s my first ride of the year, but 3.8 kmph is not what I was expecting when I woke up this morning raring to go.I was talking to a good friend about my ride disappointment and how out of shape I am and she reminded me of the truth of it.

“You are doing what I can… “Gotta start somewhere – It’s hard at first but you’ll get back into it faster than you know.”

Good advice. Thanks for that. Next bike ride, tomorrow if the weather is reasonable. I am going to be posting my results on my MEcycle page, tracking how my distance and time is trending. On the plus side, graphs look great when they start low and gain quickly right?