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July 29, 2011

I Think Fink

Perfect in the Darkness

We all have favourites when it comes to music. While my tastes and listening patterns are constantly morphing, I also have a few staples or favourites that I just keep coming back to over and over again. Fink is one of these for me.

Whenever I say I like Fink, I usually get one of two reactions. You know when you say something and the other person didn’t hear you but they are too embarrassed to say so and they just laugh and smile? That’s one of the reactions. The other is “who the heck is Fink?

I have always known Fink to the stage name of Fin Greenall, a singer songwriter extraordinaire from the UK, but it seems it is now being used for the entirety of his band. Needless to say on earlier this week, Fink’s new much anticipated CD Perfect Darkness hit the market, and it’s not only the darkness that’s perfect. This offering doesn’t disappoint one bit.

who the heck is Fink?

This is not your typical Friday night party music; this music has substance, depth and soul. I am more likely to put this on while I am reading by a fire or doing some writing. I love love love this CD! I could say that about all of Fink’s CD’s actually but this one in particular seems to have a more improved production quality to it.

You can download the title track free by clicking here. Check it out first by clicking on the play button below. When you’re done loving that, watch the video for a little snapshot of an intimate live show, and I mean intimate! I am pretty sure I know what brand of sunglasses he is wearing. Make sure you choose the highest quality setting on the tube player!

Peace, Leslie

July 6, 2011


On Tour Now! Playing in at the Ottawa Bluesfest on July 13th

I go through waves with music and right now I am at the crest of a wave, I just can’t get enough. It’s always playing, I sleep with it, I write with it, and I turn it up past what most people find comfortable for conversation. I have been playing the latest CD by My Morning Jacket called Circuital and it has been on over and over for the past few days.

I found it very hard to pick a song or even two for you to sample because I absolutely love every song. It ranges from fun to pensive ballad and back again. So I will just grab a couple for you to check out and run with it.  On the little widget below you can hear “You Wanna Freak Out” and below that is a live video of “Holdin On To Black Metal”As always you can check it out on the MEmusic tab above!

I highly recommend you pick up the CD itself and enjoy it from first to last.




June 30, 2011

The Ghost Inside

Broken Bells

It’s a beautiful sunny day here in Ottawa, and while I started the day a bit bummed with a sore back it didn’t take long to change my mood. After dropping my daughter off for her last day of school I turned on the car stereo and put my iPod on shuffle.  The Ghost Inside started up right away and the impetus to crank it could not be controlled.

I love this song! It got me excited about the day ahead and once again, music has managed to do what many other things can not!

You have to download and crank this track, the entire CD is one of my favourites.

Listen to the track  below, watch the live version on Conan, or head over to MEmusic to enjoy an abundance of good music.



Have a great day!



June 20, 2011


City and Color – Little Hell

I am totally addicted to this song. That’s no surprise I know, I am always addicted to some song or another. The new City and Color CD, Little Hell is awesome all around but this song sticks out for me. I love the guitar riffs and the power in this some gives Dallas Green, the singer, songwriter and musician an opportunity to really open up in the  vocal department. With many of his songs on the quieter side, this is a real treat.

On my way home from the pool today I noticed the name of the song has a real tie in to my swimming experience. When in the pool I feel weightless. One of the things I love most about swimming is that feeling of weighing almost nothing in compared to my walking around weight.

The song title for weightless works well, the lyrics themselves, not so much!

Have a look at this awesome live version of weightless. If you have the bandwidth, please do yourself a favour and change the quality to HD.

You can also hear the original studio version on the MEmusic tab.

Check it out!



May 28, 2011

Stay Young, Go Dancing


There is big news for MEmusic this week! Death Cab for Cutie, one of my favourite bands of all time has a new cd coming out this week and I am pumped. I have been able to listen to it a few times now and I love what I hear!

You may have heard the single “You’re A Tourist” that they have already released from Codes and Keys which is to be released on Tuesday May 31st. If you haven’t heard this yes check out the video below, it’s a pretty catchy tune and a pretty fun video. I do love the guitar riff in this track.

The track however that I am playing over and over again right now is called Stay Young, Go Dancing.  You can check it out on the MEmusic tab.

Check them both out. If you find yourself saying, who the heck is Death Cab for Cutie then get with the program.



May 21, 2011

Someday Soon

My Motivators

It’s a beautiful day in sunny Ottawa today, the kind of day that just screams, use me! Occasionally on days like this I think of the many things I could be doing, if I had other parts of my life in order. These are things that I can’t do due to physical or financial limitations.  I decided that I am missing an opportunity to use these things as motivators to push forward in my MEfurbishment.

To that end I thought I would use a little bit of time this morning to make a list of some goals, things I would like to be able to try at some point in the future. This will help me with my MEbucket’s as well. When looking for things that will foster and develop a certain bucket, it is helpful to have a master list to draw from. This is also a great tool for looking back to see progress. A year from now, when I look back over the year and see some items crossed off my list I can feel a sense of accomplishment and gratitude.

Below is a list of things that I would like to bring into my life at some point in my journey. I would love to hear from you about some of the things that are on your list. Things that you have been putting off, preparing for or just haven’t got to yet.

Someday soon I will…..



May 19, 2011

Enough Wise Ideas

The Execut(ion)er

I’m a great starter. It’s always been one of my strengths to come up with big ideas. I do great research, I plan well, I create custom forms of tracking and accountability and then I get at it. Occasionally this gets me into trouble.  After the high of all the strategy and planning wears off, I am left with delivery. Execution. Monotony.

It is clear to me today that this is a short sited view when I quickly forget why I had the big idea to begin with. There was something I wanted to manifest in my life, some goal I wanted to reach, or some problem I want to solve. Without the execution of the plan true MEfurbishment will never happen. This is the insight I had when I was meditation this morning.

Happy Life

I have had lots of ideas and lots of plans lately and I want to make sure I take stock of my progress but also remember where I am heading with all of this. I want to MEfurbish my life. My buckets are clear and my plans are made. That is not to say that this are rigid or unchangeable but rather that I must not allow myself to become distracted. I am aiming for good health, good relationships, and a happy life.

All this is to say that the tone of is moving out of an ideas phase and into an action phase and this is what I will continue to share with you in the weeks ahead. To that end I have added a new widget to my sidebar that shows my weight loss to since I started tracking my food and exercise on

I have a lot to do to move the needle in this and my other buckets before I get back to ideas.

Wish me luck!



May 5, 2011

Helplessness Blues

Love it!

A great CD is often the impetus for me take action on something that I haven’t been giving enough of my time. Once again this happened this week when I was listening to Helplessness Blues by Fleet Foxes.  Sometimes I am motivated by the lyrics or the high tempo beat of a song. In the case of Helplessness Blues it is just the overall tone of the CD. I just love the vocal harmonizing. I can’t put my finger on why, but when I listen to this CD I just feel alive.  The Fleet Foxes have somehow motivated me to take on another project that I had put some thought into in the past but decided not to move forward. I guess it was just not the right time.

I haven’t been writing as much as I would have liked for MEfurbish as I am in the process of trying to get this project off the ground. Things should slow down in the next few days and I will be back to posting every day for the most part. In the short term, I just really wanted to share with you Helplessness Blues by Fleet Foxes. You can listen to the track on MEmusic or watch the video for the title track below.

Great stuff!