MEactive is a page on which I am tracking my progress in the Active 2 9 Week Challenge for Wii. I will post updated results here frequently. I would love to hear from you guys about your Active 2 stories or any other ways you keep yourself active.

Below is an snapshot of the Active 2 stats from my workouts. In the 9 week challenge I workout 4 times per week and I will update after each workout! The info you see below starting on the left is as follows:




Workout 6

Workouts Day3-5

Workout 3

This is day 2 of my nine week challenge. It seemed extra hard today for some reason, but I got it done.  My heart rate got up there a little higher as well so that might explain why it seemed a little more challenging.

Workout 2

I worked out today on an off day because it was pouring rain and I didn’t not want to hop on the bike. I setup a custom workout with some warm up’s, a bunch of fun sports stuff like running, basketball, mountain biking, soccer, and mountain-boarding. It was fun and a great workout! Gotta love Active 2!

Workout 1

2 Comments to “MEactive”

  1. Hi!! I am going on now to join your group! Thank you. I just got the game today so i will catch up…

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